Frequently Asked Questions

What time do we arrive? 
Anytime from 3.45pm

Where do I sleep? 
On the floor in Olympia London - glamping style!

What do I need to bring? 
Ticket confirmation, pyjama's, sleeping bag, pillow and matt. Creative food and drink options will be available but a beautiful picnic area will also be provided for those who want to bring their own.

Will work give me the day off on Friday? 
You need to discuss a late arrival or time off with your line manager.

Can I just come for the evening? 

Will my work pay for me? 
Some companies including Olympia London, REED Expo, Mash Media and many others are sponsoring entry for their employees. Speak with your line managers to see if this is something they will do for you and your team.

Who's going? 
Any women aged over 18 who work in the events industry and like to have fun.

Can I bring a friend who is not in the industry? Please?  
Oh go on then,Yes!

Will I get any sleep? 
Fear not, we will have a quiet room which will be dedicated to beauty sleep.

What’s the schedule for the evening? 
You can download the full line-up here

Is there someone I can contact to ask my question?
Yes! Please contact Christie-Eden Benford - - +44 (0) 20 8481 1122

If the answer to your question isn't listed above, perhaps Olympia FAQs will help.